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ivermectin Health The following variants of ivermectin definition of health, proposed by Yu.P. Lisitsyn, can be proposed: health is a harmonious unity of biological and social qualities caused by congenital and acquired biological and social influences (disease is a violation of this unity); a state that allows you to lead a life that is not constrained in your freedom, to fully fulfill the functions characteristic of a person (primarily labor), to lead a healthy lifestyle, that is, to experience mental, physical and social well-being.

Individual health is the health of an individual. It is assessed by personal well-being, the presence or ivermectin of diseases, physical condition, etc. Group health is the health of individual communities of people: age, professional, etc.

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The most difficult ivermectin oral to define is public health. Public health reflects the health of the individuals that make up society,but it is not the sum of the health of individuals. Even WHO has not yet come up with a concise and succinct definition of public health. "Public health is a state of society that provides conditions for an active, productive lifestyle that is not constrained by physical and mental illness, that is, it is something without which society cannot create material and spiritual values, this is the wealth of society" (Yu. P. Lisitsyn).

Public health potential is a measure of the quantity and quality of people's health and its reserves accumulated by society. Public health index is the ratio of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles of the population.

WHO experts consider the percentage of gross national product (GNP) going to health as the criteria of public health; availability of primary health care; infant mortality rate; average life expectancy, etc.

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